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prepaited galvanzied steel coil company open ceremony

In February 8, 2022, Shandong ESBS Material Co., Ltd. labor union to thank everyone's hard work, especially the production staff at the front line, but also to promote emotional exchanges between employees of various departments, organized the 2022 Shandong ESBS new material opening ceremony, the company more than 300 employees gathered together.

Group chairman Han total speech on stage. In the past half of the year, the company has achieved very gratifying results in safety production, business development and the lives of employees. All along, the company has always given top priority to safety production and workers' lives. The purpose of organizing this party is to increase communication, learn from each other and make progress together through this activity.

The opening ceremony opened in my Chinese people, the program forms diverse, sketch, melodrama, allegro, three and a half and so on, are written and directed by the company's employees, we dedicated, for the majority of workers to present a feast for the eyes of the opening ceremony