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Ral Color Coated Galvanized Prepainted Steel Coils Coil PPGI


In the eyes of discerning people, the image of a person and the image of a building will affect people's impression, so many companies will build the beautiful atmosphere of the buildings in their own companies, so that customers who come to the company have a good impression.


At this time, the good architecture of the enterprise can also demonstrate the strength of the enterprise, but if the customer sees the dilapidated factory environment and the mottled building appearance, I believe that the first impression will not be good.

For modern manufacturing companies, most of the buildings in the factory area are colored steel buildings. For the color coated boards as building materials, the color boards on the roof are responsible for preventing rain, snow and sunlight, while the color boards on the wall is responsible for covering the wind and beauty.


Most of the time, the wall is the face value of an enterprise's factory building. If the wall loses color and becomes white, it will make the entire building difficult to see. This is why the color painted wall is more afraid of discoloration.


For a good company, you can't take care of your own face value, so when choosing a wall color board, you must choose a good-quality board that does not fade, so that you don't have to worry about discoloration and rust in two or three years, and you need to renovatetime-consuming, laborious and costly.


When choosing color-coated panels to build a factory building, if you choose the same panel as a whole, both the roof and the wall should take into account the resistance to fading. Even if the color is not visible on the roof but the color fades, it is the beginning of the broken color panel.