Pattern Design PPGI

SHANDONG AIPURUI STEEL PLATE CI.,LTD. was set up formally in 2008, as a professional China pattern design PPGI manufacturers and China pattern design PPGI factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Pattern design PPGI is made by chemical pretreatment, preliminary coating and fine coating, the quality of the coating is more even, Stable and ideal than single spraying or brushing on the surface of formed metal.

Due to Pattern design PPGI outstanding decorative performance, forming nature and corrosion resistance and strong adhesion of coating, color coated steel sheet can maintain new color for a longer time. 

Pattern design PPGI can achieve such good economic effects as replacing wood by steel, efficient construction, energy-saving and pollution-preventing, it has become the ideal material for manufacturing building constructions.

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  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Prepainted Steel Flower PPGI Coil Flower PPGI coil is a new type of coated sheet which has high decoration performance, which protect, decorate, handsome dispose the coated layer surface. They are widely used in the field of electrical home appliances, decoration and special places.

  • Prefab House Brick Pattern Design PPGI Color Coated Steel Coil Brick Pattern Design PPGI Steel Coil Application 1. Construction: (Outside) workshop, agricultural warehouse, residential precast unit, corrugated roof, wall, rainwater drainage pipe, terrace, retailer booth, roller shutter door(Inside) door, doorcase, light steel roof structure, folding screen, ceiling, elevator, stairway, vent gutter 2. Electrical appliance: Refrigerator, washer, switch cabinet, instrument cabinet, air conditioning, micro-wave oven, bread maker 3. Furniture: Central heating slice, lampshade, chifforobe, desk, bed, locker, bookshelf 4. Carrying trade: Exterior decoration of auto and train, clapboard, container, isolation lairage, isolation board 5. Others: Writing panel, garbage can, billboard, timekeeper, typewriter, instrument panel, weight sensor, photographic equipment

  • China Print Wood/Camouflage Pattern Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil Wood/camouflage pattern prepainted galvanized steel coil is used as building materials(ceiling, metal roof tile) machinery parts (electrically controlled cabinets, road maintain board, etc, so it is mainly used in advertising Industry, construction, household appliances industry, electrical industry, furniture industry and transportation.

  • SPCC Marble Pattern Printing Prepainted Steel Coil PPGI Wooden Pattern Steel Coil PPGI Marble/Wooden Pattern Steel Coil Coating Types According to different environment and uses, can choose the different appropriate resin coating. 1) Polyester(PE) Good formability and adhesion, color is rich and various, superior durability in the outdoor, good chemical resistance and low cost. 2) Silicon modified polyester(SMP) Good wear resistance and heat resistance, as well as good exterior durability and resistance to pulverization, medium cost. 3) High durability polyester(HDP) Anti-ultraviolet and excellent color retention, excellent resistance to pulverization, good adhesion, color is rich, good cost performance. 4) Polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) Strong performance of anti-ultraviolet, can stand against strong change of weather for long time and erosion for many kinds of chemical medium, excellent solvent resistance, dirty resistance, color is limited and high cost.

  • High Quality 3D Flower Print Color Coated PPGI PPGL Steel Coil Flower print ppgi ppgl steel coil features 1) Excellent corrosion resistance: The zinc layer provides a good protection of sheet. 2) High heat resistance: The reflective surface of the material aids in efficiently reflecting the sunlight away and in turn reducing the amount of heat transmitted. 3) Aesthetics: Available in plethora of patterns and multiple sizes as per requirements. 4) Versatility: can be used in the various areas.

  • China New Design 3D Wooden Design PPGI Steel Coil Wooden design PPGI steel coil is qualified with excellent decorative, formability, corrosion resistance, coating adhesion, can keep for a long time as well as maintain fresh color. For printed steel coil can obtain good economic benefit by steel belt wood, efficient in construction and save energy, prevent pollution etc.

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